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Hand Foiler-7/32"
Hand Foiler-3/16"
Stained Glass Making Basics
New! 7/32" Black Back Foil by BinariNew! 7/32" Black Back Foil by Binari
The Mini G Bits
Nick's Grinders Mate
Set of 2 clamps for soldering
Save $49
The Grinder 2 by Techniglass
Classic American Lead Dikes
Studio Pro Soldering Iron Stand
Kwik Clean 16oz
Lead Knife-Pro
Foil Shears
Foil Shears
Lead Shears
Lead Shears
Glass Handling Gloves
SG Beginner Tool Kit
Flux Nokorode-1.7 oz.paste
Break/Groz narrow-Jaw
Running Plier 8" by Fletcher
Toyo Self Oiling Circle Supercutter
Novacan Patina Black for Zinc

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