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Handy Edge 4in LayoutHandy Edge 4in Layout
Binari 12in Layout SystemBinari 12in Layout System
Rainbow 6x6 Sale Pack
Rainbow coe 96 8x8 Pack
Natural Bristle Polishing Brush
Marker-Markstay II 1fl.oz New!
Tip Cleaning Paste Hakko
D-lead hand soap 8oz
Novacan Grinder Coolant, 8 oz.
Grinding Bit-Twofers 3/4"
Grinding Bit Twofers
Copper Back Foil 1/4 inch
Black Back Foil 1/2 inch
Black Back Copper Foil 3/8
Foil Black Back 3/16
Save $21
The Grinder 3 by Techniglass
MiniBeetle Bits Cutting System
Hand Foiler-7/32"
Hand Foiler-3/16"
Stained Glass Making Basics
New! 7/32" Black Back Foil by BinariNew! 7/32" Black Back Foil by Binari
The Mini G Bits
Set of 2 clamps for soldering

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