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01/04-01/25: FUSING WEDNESDAYS! 10-1pm  (4 Weeks)
01/05-01/26:INTERMEDIATE Stained Glass Thursdays w/ Jenna (4 wk)5:30-8:30pm
01/05-1/26:INTRODUCTION Stained Glass Thursdays w/ Jenna (4 wk) 5:30-8:30
01/06-01/27:FUSING FRIDAYS! 10-1pm  (4 Weeks)
01/07-01/28: Intermediate Sg Leading Technique (4 Wk) Saturday Afternoons,  1:30-4:30pm
01/07-01/28:Intro Stained Glass  w/ Jenna (4 wk) 10-1 SATURDAYS
01/08:FULL!Stained Glass Intro (1 Day) 10-3pm Sunday01/08:FULL!Stained Glass Intro (1 Day) 10-3pm Sunday
01/10-1/31:ALL LEVELS Stained Glass (4 wk), Tuesday Mornings 10-1pm01/10-1/31:ALL LEVELS Stained Glass (4 wk), Tuesday Mornings 10-1pm
01/15: Intro to Fusing and Slumping: Sunday 10-1pm  (1 Day)
01/22:Intro to Mosaic Sunday 10-4pm
01/7-01/28:INTERMEDIATE Stained Glass Saturdays w/ Jenna (4 wk) 10-1pm
02/11:Intro to Mosaic Saturday 10-4pm02/11:Intro to Mosaic Saturday 10-4pm
02/12:Kaleidoscope Mandala Garden Stakes Sunday 10-3pm  (1 Day)
02/18:Soldering Skills (1 Day) Saturday 10-3pm
02/19+02/26:Mosaic Stepping Stones (2 Days) 02/19 10-4 +02/26  10-12
02/25:Stained Glass Intro (1 Day) 10-3pm Saturday02/25:Stained Glass Intro (1 Day) 10-3pm Saturday
11/2-11/23: FUSING WEDNESDAYS! 10-1pm  (4 Weeks)
11/25:Open Studio! BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! 10-4pm11/25:Open Studio! BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL! 10-4pm
11/26:Open Studio 10-4pm11/26:Open Studio 10-4pm
11/27: Illuminating Fusing: Lanterns Sunday 11/27 2-4pm
11/27: Intro to Fusing and Slumping: Sunday 10-1pm  (1 Day)
11/30-12/21: FUSING WEDNESDAYS! 10-1pm  (4 Weeks)11/30-12/21: FUSING WEDNESDAYS! 10-1pm  (4 Weeks)
11/4-11/18:FUSING FRIDAYS! 10-1pm  (3 Weeks)
12/03:NEW! Stained Glass Suncatchers Saturday 10-12:3012/03:NEW! Stained Glass Suncatchers Saturday 10-12:30

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