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Mac Extra Clear Glue 8oz
Mosaic KitMosaic Kit
Glitter Squares Asst. 1/2 lb
Set of Four Assorted Hand Painted Tiles
Mosaic Squares Warm Color Pack
Iridized 6x6 Assorted Pack of 4
Mosaic Cutter by Leponitt
Guide to Mosaic Technique
Carborundum Stone
Premium Mix Mosaic Scrap Box
Mosaic Squares Cool Color Pack
MiniBeetle Bits Cutting System
The Mosaic Book
WeldBond Adhesive 5 oz.WeldBond Adhesive 5 oz.
Seashell Assorted Bag- .25 lb.
Mosaic Squares Van Gogh Pack
Mixed Millefiori 2oz
Mortar 1 lb. Thin Set
Mosaic Picassiette Mix Box
Silicone Clear Sealand and Adhesive 3oz.
Magic Glos UV Curing Resin
WeldBond Adhesive 5 oz.
Dap Mosaic Glue

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