SG Beginner Tool Kit



For Cutting: Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutter, GAI cutting oil (sample size), Breaker/Grozier, Metal Running Pliers, Safety Goggles, 12” L square For Patterning: Foil Pattern Shears,Glue stick, Oil impregnated pattern paper and Carbon paper for transfer of designs. For Grinding: The Grinder 3 by Techniglass For layout & Foiling: 7/32” black back Venturetape foil, Fid/Lathekin, Morton Layout Block System and Homasote Workboard. For Soldering: Hakko 601 professional iron, Soldering iron stand and sponge, Novacan glass flux, Flux brush, Soldering clamps (pair), 1lb. Amerway 60/40 solder, Finishing compound and 20 pack 16g tinned 1/2” jump rings. For instruction: “Stained Glass Basics” book Complimentery: Stained Glass “Primer” book by Peter Mollica and Four starter patterns.

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