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New! 7/32" Black Back Foil by BinariNew! 7/32" Black Back Foil by Binari
Lead Free U came 1/8"  6-foot.Lead Free U came 1/8"  6-foot.
The Mini G Bits
WeldBond Adhesive 5 oz.WeldBond Adhesive 5 oz.
Special Niagra Pastels 3 Pack
Texture Colorblock
Crystal texture mold
Cherry blossom textured mold
Bottle slumper mold
Seashell Assorted Bag- .25 lb.
Haik Brush 3"
Monstera Leaf casting moldMonstera Leaf casting mold
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Glassline Beach Color Kit
Mosaic Squares Van Gogh Pack
Nick's Grinders Mate
Mixed Millefiori 2oz
Mac Extra Clear Glue 8oz
Fused Butterfly Nitelight Kit
Glass Forge Vase
The Lumishield 2

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