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Marker-Markstay II 1fl.oz New!
Foil Shears
Foil Shears
Lead Shears
Lead Shears
Nick's Grinders Mate
Patina, Super Blue for Zinc
Carborundum Stone
Sm. Lamp BaseSm. Lamp Base
Set of 20 assorted glass marbles
Iridized 6x6 Assorted Pack of 4
Mosaic Tool Accessories
8x8 Primed Cradled Wood Panel
The Mosaic Book
Guide to Mosaic Technique
300 + Mosaic Tips, Techniques, Templates, and Trade Secrets
Mosaic Stepping Stones Book
Breaker Grozier Pliers by Fan Out
TBD: Building Cutting Skills (1 Day)
Patchwork Coaster KitPatchwork Coaster Kit
MiniBeetle Bits Cutting System
Fused Plate Kit
Fused Holiday Tree Ornament kit
Glass Handling Gloves
WeldBond Adhesive 5 oz.
Mortar 1 lb. Thin Set

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