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Special Textures Clear Pack
Classic Specialty Pack Van Gogh Texture Asst.
Iridized 6x6 Assorted Pack of 4
6x6 Handmade Patterns Pack coe 96 (4pack)
Oceanside COE 96 6x12 Flower Pack
Oceanside COE 96 6x12 Solid Pack
Oceanside COE 96 6x12 Beach Pack
Specialty Pack Sparkle Textures Asst.
Glitter Squares Asst. 1/2 lb
Red Millefiori 2oz
Tropical Millefiori 2oz
Mixed Millefiori 2oz
Daisy Millefiori 2oz
Geo Millefiori 2oz
Heart Millefiori 2oz
Pink Millefiori 2oz
Rainbow coe 96 8x8 Pack
Assorted 7x7 German New Antique Silvercoat Pack

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