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Jewelry Vase Drop Out by Julie Orchard
Margaret by Motawi Tileworks 6x6
Tall Cylinder Vase by Mad Art Studios
Red speckled Blown Vase by Orient and Flume
Orange Bowl Fan by Ian Whitt
Seed Pot Parisian Fog by Vines Art Glass
Ariana Small Bowl Vase by Lundberg Studios
Blown Orange Bowl by Susan Kurtz
Roll up Red/Yellow Blown Vase
Swirl Ruffle Lip Blown Vase by Glass Forge
Motawi Tile Hillside Rose
Twisted Zipper Ginger Vase by Lundberg Studios
Petite Stemmed Trumpet Vase by Lundberg Studios
Gold on Gold Mini Gourd Vase by Lundberg Studios
Magnolia Figure Vase by Lundberg Studios
Rainy Day Mosaic
White and Blue Ribbon Fused Dish
Bowl Fan by Ian Whitt
Glass Eye Sudio Catalina Bowl
Crab Tile
Bon Apetit Platter by ZANZA art glass

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