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Glitter Squares Asst. 1/2 lb
Hammer, Double Faced
Hammered Gold Fill Hoops with Recycled Glass Bead
Hand Blown Tumblers set of 2
Hand Blown Tumblers set of 2
Hand Foiler-3/16"
Hand Foiler-7/32"
Handblown Martini Glass Set by Rosetree Glass Studio
Handblown Wine Glass Set
Heart Millefiori 2oz
Hematite Mineral Pendant with Gold Chain
Holly Pendant Necklace
Iridized 6x6 Assorted Pack of 4
Iris Ceramic Tile by Motawi 4x8
Iron-Hakko 601
Jewelry Vase Drop Out by Julie Orchard
Kiln Formed Necklace in Blues
Klyr-Fire 2 oz.
L-Square 12in Black
Lead Shears
Lead Shears
Leaf Bones Earrings
Leponitt Solder Iron Control
Limp on a Limb Ceramic Tile by Motawi 6x6

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