Hope for 2021: Group Show Exhibit through January 31st

Happy 2021!

It seems to us that a lot has been riding on the coming of the new year, and we know that everyone has their own list of hopes for this year in particular.   We decided to base our first group challenge for 2021 around these hopes, giving our artists a moment to reflect, imagine, and get the creative juices flowing.

The parameters this time around were simple: Design an original piece in glass to reflect our theme in an 8x8" format.  Artists employed traditional stained glass, mosaic, multimedia mosaic, and kiln firing techniques.  Designs came in both in person and virtually, from as far away as Ontario, Canada.  Ironically, we had 21 submissions in all!  

Below are images of the submissions. Barring our traditional gathering and party, we welcome your virtual vote for "People's Choice" award.  The winner will be awarded a gift card to the store (employee submissions are ineligible).  We invite you to come in and visit the display in our gallery through January 3 1st, 2021.  (You always appreciate the detail more in person!)  

Here are our 21 Hopes in Glass (title and artist precede image):

"Let it Go" by Catlin Adami:


"Optimistic Growth" by Jessica Chesser

"Finding Rainbows" by Jane Kiskaddon
"Finding Hope" by Julie Orchard
"Hope Wins" by Kevin Tappin
"Hope for our Children" by Allyson Seelinger
"Hope for our Oceans" by Sheri Stoppa
"Hope Blooms" by Catherine Ryan
"1,000 Cranes for Healing and Hope" by Kristina Zarelli
"2021" by Amy Neiman
"Seed of Dreams" by Donna Buttlaire
"The Thing with Feathers" by Jim Stickney
"Seeds of Hope" by Laura Holl
"New Beginnings" by Maureen O'Halloran
"Monarch Chrysalis" by Cindy Gieng
"Connecting" by Melanie Walsh
"Outside Again" by Christine LeRoux
"Light from the Dark" by Walter Hansell
"Hope" by Erica Straus
"California Condor" by Jan Ambrosini
"Hope" by Janet Hiebert

Browse for your favorite, and enter your selection via email (one per person please!)  stainedglassgardenca@gmail.com

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