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Dynamic Glass Duo: Brett & Penny Moraga

Join us on Friday, November 3rd, from 5-7pm for a collection of Soldered Glass, and Kiln-Formed Art by glass power-couple, Brett and Penny Moraga, titled: "Glass as an Expression of Vision".  Their large-scale pieces are show-stoppers and really shine when viewed in person.  During the reception, enjoy complimentary refreshments & a corresponding sale throughout the retail store!

 Questions for a Glass Artist: Penny & Brett Moraga


1. How did you get involved in glass art?  

Our collaborative and individual journey started with Penny taking classes in early 2016 to create a stained glass panel for our home.   She encouraged Brett to join her and they were both immediately addicted.

 2. Why are you passionate about working with glass?  

Our passion with working with glass is rooted in the intrinsic beauty and organic forms glass affords in the creation of art.

 3. What are some of the challenges of working with glass? 

Our challenges are really the limits of our knowledge and our time to explore the full dimensions of glass in all its forms.

 4. Why do you love being a glass artist? 

Our love of being glass artists is born from the challenge; the beauty of the material; and the infinite uses, forms, and representations glass provides for the artist.

 5. What is your current series about? 

Our current series is a reflection of the love of the human body with all of the intrinsic energy, the sea with its’ amazing creatures, and with the desire to explore non-traditional uses of glass and multimedia to create a fusion of fluid, flow and form.

 6. What is the process of creation like? 

Creation and design is the most challenging aspect of glass art.  The breadth and depth of possibility and opportunity in glass can be overwhelming to the creative process to capture in glass the vision you create in your mind.

7. What’s the decisive moment in the design process?

 The moment when creative vision, physics, architecture, engineering, aesthetic, material, knowledge, and skill intersect at the point of …”Yes, this is it!”   And, then you realize you have an even more creative insight and it starts all over again.

 8. How do you choose your glass?  

We select our glass based on a project or a particular inspiration.  We realize that we may not use it at that specific time but the palette and texture is well aligned with our artistic landscape.


9. What makes your work unique?

Unique individuals make unique art…and we apply our unique perspectives, experiences, aesthetic, and vision to create unique expressions in glass and multimedia.

  10. What influences your style? 

The rhythms and biosphere of the ocean, the beauty/energy of the human form, and the shape/form of classical themes influences and inspires our art.

 11. How did you first get involved with SGG? 

We took our first glass class at SGG and continued with many of the wonderful classes offered at SGG.  It was here at SGG our love for glass was born. 

 12. What projects/new things are coming up for you? 

The new adventure in our art is extending and exploring new ways to integrate form, function, and flow of glass into the expression of our vision.

  13. What advice do you have for those starting out? 

Be a sponge for knowledge, don’t let fear inhibit your vision, follow your passion, and let the glass speak to you.  Release any preconceived notions when working with glass. The piece you like the least may well be the piece that speaks the loudest to someone else. Accidents are often the most special. 

 14. Which artists have inspired or influenced your work?

We have been inspired by classical glass artists like Lalique, Chihuly, and Tiffany. Artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, Waterhouse, Gaudi, and Dali are some of our favorite non-glass artists.  Regional artists like Cathy Claycomb, local artists and instrutors at SGG, friends, family and others too numerous to list have all provided inspiration and influence for our work.



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