We are thrilled to feature the mosaic art of Theresa Selover during the month of September.  Theresa's detailed multi-media pieces include art glass, tempered glass, beads, china, acrylic paint, and pottery, to create images that acheive incredible depth and color. 

Join us for a Reception, Meet & Greet, and Store-Wide Glass & Tool Sale on FRIDAY, September 1st, 2017 from 5-7pm.  Refreshments will be served. 

See below for our monthly artist interview, featuring Theresa Selover: "15 Questions for a Glass Artist" 

1. How did you get involved in glass art?

Taking a mosaic class was an item on my bucket list.  I took my first class about three years ago and fell in love with creating mosaics.

 2. Why are you passionate about working with glass?

Working with glass is very relaxing and I have found it to be therapeutic after a long day’s work.  The creativity is endless; it’s art without borders.  I’m not sure why, but it feels great when I nip and I love the score J I all too often find myself creating pieces when I have trouble sleeping.

 3. What are some of its challenges?

I find it hard to call it a day and do the things I should be doing.  It is addicting and hard to focus on things other than mosaic.  My investment in Band-Aids has also increased.

 4. Why do you love being a glass artist? 

It’s not just one medium; I enjoy mixing metals, paint, and china dish wear with my glass.  I love working with multi-media and creating texture in my pieces.

5. What is your current series about?

I generally don’t do a series per se, but I do a lot of cultural pieces.  I am currently starting a piece on Bindi and Henna (Asian Indian).

 6. What’s it feel like while you’re working on a mosaic (process)?

Generally, I feel very calm and at peace.  But when I am struggling with epoxy or grouting a large piece, it can bring about stress.

7. What do you think about while you’re creating a piece?

I have found that I often hum to myself, while creating.  I also feel delighted when I find what I feel is the most perfect cup or plate to put in a piece.  Then I am excited to go to work and see the piece come to life.

8. What’s the decisive moment in the design process?

The color of acrylic paint and the grout color.

 9. How do you choose your glass?

It all depends on the piece.  At times, it’s a texture I need, other times it’s a color.  I try and choose the glass that most represents the individual part of the mosaic.  For example, I generally use smooth pieces for skin and textured pieces for clothing or bulky items.

10. What makes your work unique?

I definitely have a style, but I am not sure if it is unique.  I haven’t seen any other work like mine, but it’s a big big world out there so I’m not sure.

11. What influences your style?

I love color, and using all these mediums allows me to work with a lot of color and texture.  The painted backgrounds under the tempered glass are where I generally use a lot of color and the patterns and textures on the china dish wear also contribute to color and texture.

 12. How did you first get involved with SGG?

SGG has been my Go To since I took my first mosaic class.  I signed up for my first class at an evening adult education class.  The instructor gave out a handout with a lot of places to obtain supplies and SGG was on the list.

 13. What’s the key to organizing your glass studio?

Studio?  My garage is pretty well organized.  I have a bin for my glass, three tables to work on and storage for supplies.  I do enjoy working in my garage since I live in a rural area and most often work with both roll up doors open.

14. What projects/new things are coming up for you?

I am not sure other than the Asian Indian piece I already mentioned and a piece on homelessness which I will be adding a poem to. 

15. What advice do you have for those starting out?

Don’t limit yourself; explore mediums and think outside the box.  Rules are meant to be broken.


Visit the store during the month of September 2017 to enjoy Theresa's work on display!