Custom Stained Glass

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Custom Design

  • Stained glass windows or panels
  • Framing in wood or zinc
  • Sandblasting in any design desired
  • Custom lamps with fused lampshades, ready to hang
  • Our designer can create panels and windows of any style, size, and complexity to suit your wants and needs.

Call 510.841.2200 for an appointment or more information.

Or click the link below to send an email.   

Restoration & Repair

  • Stained glass windows & panels: either leaded or copper foil
  • Stained glass lamps and decorative pieces.
  • Cabinets, doors, tabletops or other household objects.
  • Bring in your piece and leave it for a free estimate!
  • All repairs done by professional artisans who work with the Stained Glass Garden.

For more information or to arrange for an on-site repair estimate, please call 510.841.2200. Or click the link below to send an email request.   

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