Cabinet Glass & Cutting Services

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Cabinet Glass & Cutting Services

Stained Glass Garden offers one of the largest selections of textured clear glass in the San Francisco Bay Area. Come in to view all our samples, or call us for an estimate!

Textured clear glass is perfect for bathroom privacy windows, dividing sections, and front doors. Our textured clear glass comes by the sheet and we can also cut pieces for the size you need. Stop by to check our textured clear samples, or see our photos to get an idea! Not only is it a practical resource for cabinetmakers, kitchen remodelers, architects, interior designers, and general contractors, it also can provide ideas for exciting projects for everyday homeowners as well. Our beautiful glass is perfect for cabinets, shower doors, windows, transoms, and more.

Our Sample Box includes small pieces of our most popular textured cabinet glass, which can be purchased for $1, which will then be deducted off the price of your glass order.

Order the Sample Box, select the style that suits your project, then call to place your sheet glass or custom cut order.

The "tempering price per square foot" includes the glass, cutting, and tempering. "Tempering" glass is a preventative measure that, in the case of accidental breakage, results in small, glass chunks -- instead of splintered and shattered sharp glass spikes and shards (non-tempered). There is a three-square-foot minimum (per piece) for tempering.

We charge between $5-$10 to cut, depending on type of cut needed. (Prices subject to change)

Please call (510) 841-2200 to place your order or click the email link below. Include your name, address, product info and phone number. Do not include your credit card number.   

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