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Stained Glass Primer
by Peter Mollica

Price: $6.95

This book will help you create your first Stained Glass panel, and every one after that! It is the bible on the subject, covering every possible problem or enhancement.

The Stained Glass Home
by George W. Shannon and Pat Torlen

Price: $24.95

Instructions and ideas for beautifying your home with stained glass! Create any number of lovely projects with this innovative book.

Stained Glass Basics
by Chris Rich, Martha Mitchell, and Rachel Ward

Price: $14.95

One of the best books for beginners. This volume will answer all your questions and get you started on the right foot. It's also a great reference and handy guide later down the line.

Warm Glass
by Philippa Beveridge, Ignasi Domenech and Eva Pacual

Price: $29.95

A beautiful book with many detailed, full color pictures of the many projects this book teaches you how to create.

Kiln Formed Glass
by Gillian Hulse

Price: $24.99

This gorgeous book with vivid photos makes you want to start fusing immediately! It mostly features manageable projects with creative ideas to inspire.

Contemporary Fused Glass
by Brad Walker

Price: $47.95

One of the most comprehensive books on fusing, in this book you will learn every detail of fusing, casting, slumping and draping. No bit of information, no matter how small, is overlooked. A great book for the avid fuser.

The Mosaic Book
by Peggy Vance and Celia Goodrick-Clarke

Price: $19.95

Packed full of good ideas, this is a book geared towards the more experienced mosaic artist who wants to complete projects around their home, from small to large.

Mosaic Art and Style
by JoAnn Locktov

Price: $15.99

An excellent guide for the novice and the experienced mosaic artist alike, this book teaches at all levels. Containing many fun projects for small gifts and large home projects, even Gaudi-style environments are included here.

We offer many more products in our store and would be happy to sell them over the phone or in person and ship them! Give us a call or stop by to see our full collection!

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