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Gift Guide: For Everyone! (Gifts Under $40)
from $35

Adorable asian-style boxes handmade by
Hello Moon
Portland, Oregon

Unique Fused Glass Butterflies by
Melinda Gray
Oakland, California
from $35

Gorgeous handmade coasters by
Chris Paulson
Eugene, Oregon
from $20

Beautify your home with glass Boxes by
J Devlin Glass Art
Lincoln, Nebraska
from $22

Fused vases and card holders from
Glassfire Studios
Bellingham, Washington

Delicate Fused Seashell Dishes by
Lori Maher
Lafayette, California
from $36

Shake these Sea Globes to discover new treasures, by
Glass Eye
Seattle, Washington
from $35

Seashells and beveled glass paperweights by
New York, New York
from $20

Luminous tumblers handblown by
Esteban Prieto
St Louis, Missouri
from $14

Fish, snails, lizards and roosters made by
St. Petersburg
Long Island City, New York
from $20 and $9.95

Beautiful soap dishes & handmade soaps by
Fire and Light & Napa Soap
Arcata and Napa, California
from $35

Prints of handpainted on silk originals by
Mad Frog Studio
Grass Valley, California
from $36

Pretty handsifted and fused plates by
Peggy Karr
Randolph, New Jersey
from $26

Unique fused soapdishes handmade by
Sharon Walton
Berkeley, California

Rainbow hued, hand-dyed scarves by
Laguna, California
from $35

Capture negative energy with Witches Balls by
Virgil's Art Glass
Asheville, North Carolina

Luminous posts designed and fused by
Julie Orchard
Berkeley, California
from $36

Hand blown adorable pumpkins by
Walker & Bowes
San Jose, California
from $8

Dazzling swaroski crystals from
Berkeley, California

Colorful blown glass wine stoppers from
Global Village
Seattle, Washington
from $22

Cute vases perfect for a child's posy from
Ron Hinkle
Buckingham, West Virginia

Whimsical and colorful fused birds by
Berkeley, California
from $37

Glowing seashell paperweights by
Robert Held
Vancouver, British Columbia

Tiny Blown Glass Shot Glasses by
Ron Hinkle
Buckingham, West Virginia

Delicate teardrop earrings and necklaces by
Fred Imhoff
Portland, Oregon

Ruffled Vases in Blown Glass by
Slowburn Studios
Oakland, California
from $35

Fused Glass Sushi and Soap Dishes by
Vivien Hart
Orinda, California

Luminious Oil Lamps Light Your Home, by
Glass Eye
Seattle, Washington

Suncatchers made of Sifted Glass Powders, by
Julie Orchard
Berkeley, California
from $32

Glowing Cast Glass Jewelry by
Michael Vincent Michaud
Fairfield, Connecticut