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1800 Fourth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
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fax: 510.644.0945
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Custom Services in-Store

Restoration & Repair

Custom Design
  • Custom Cutting:Glass is priced by the square foot. Prices range from $5-$10 per piece.
  • Glass Shelving: in many thicknesses, beveled edges available.
  • Cabinet Doors: Your choice of glass can be cut to size to replace a window or cabinet door. A variety of clear textured glass in available.
  • Tempered Glass: By law, shower doors and panes adjacent to doors must be tempered. Check out our selection of textured clear glass, ideal for obscuring and providing privacy.
  • Tabletops: in any number of clear textures or lovely colors.
And don't forget we offer a discount to contractors!
More about textured glass
  • Stained glass windows & panels: either leaded or copper foil
  • Stained glass lamps and decorative pieces.
  • Cabinets, doors, tabletops or other household objects.
  • Bring in your piece and leave it for a free estimate!
  • All repairs done by professional artisans who work with the Stained Glass Garden.
For more information or to arrange for an on-site repair estimate, please call 510.841.2200
  • Stained glass windows or panels
  • Framing in wood or zinc
  • Sandblasting in any design desired
  • Custom lamps with fused lampshades, ready to hang
  • Our designer can create panels and windows of any style, size, and complexity to suit your wants and needs.

Call 510.841.2200 for an appointment or more information.