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August Feautured Artists September Featured Artist
Melinda Gray, Christine Morlock, Amy Neiman,
Julie Orchard, Diana White & Wilma Wyss
Berkeley, California
Sawyer Rose
Fairfax, California
Six Local Berkeley Mosaic Artists came together to showcase their diverse mosaic talents in this show. Pieces ranged from a life-sized self potrait, trompe l'oeil sculptures, a mosaic surfboard, collaged mosaics, and even a mosaic-covered guitar! This artist uses glass to illuminate issues in the local flora and fauna. She creates glowing lightboxes that appear to echo to the plants she pays homage to. She wants to bring to light the plights of planting non-native species, and the native species that are endangered by these "exotic" plants.
October Feautured Artist November Featured Artist
Vivien Hart
Berkeley, California
Susanna Conaway
Alameda, California
Viven has been a long time customer with us, as well as selling her work with us for some time now. She creates beautiful, shimmering fused glass pieces for the home that are inspired by the Northern Lights of her childhood. She creates the ususal bowls and dishes, but also drawer knobs and pulls, and even fused bathroom sinks. Susanna provides us with her excellent teaching skills in many of our stained glass classes, but in her free time she creates beautiful and original art. Using the medium of stained glass, Susanna subverts expectations by using unusual and surprising subjects in her work, as well as using stained glass in ways you wouldn't expect.

Rosetree Glass
New Orleans, Louisiana
Lundberg Studios
Berkeley, California
Rosetree creates completely unique pieces innovated by owner Mark Rosenbaum, we carry a number of styles of beautiful goblets. One of the most collectable artists in glass today, the quality of these pieces is incomparable.
Joan McLean
Laguna, California
Robert Held Studio
Vancouver, British Columbia
The founder of the Stained Glass Garden, Joan has gone on to create many beautiful mosaics featured around the store. An amazingly refined glass artist, Robert Held has become one of the giants of the business with his high-quality pieces made in his studio in Vancouver.
Slowburn Glass
Oakland, California
Esteban Prieto
Oakland, California
Bryan Goldenberg creates beautiful pieces in a number of styles, including pumpkins, bowls, vases, and even lighting. If you're looking for tumblers, your search is over. Esteban Prieto creates the most beautiful ones around, many people have been collecting his work for years and have full dining sets of his glasses.
Mad Frog Studios
Grass Valley, California
Elaine Hyde
Santa Barbara, California
Started by Sybil Shane when she quit her former job in taxes and began creating art, this studio has grown to include two other artists, Tara Sullivan and Miyu Tamamura. Together they paint on silk and then make prints from these paintings, and the product is truly beautiful! Trained in glass at the Pilchuck Glass Center when it was only in its second year of operation, Elaine Hyde's work is truly stunning and unique. She has carved out a niche for herself in a male-dominated field and is now internationally renowned.
Peggy Karr Glass
Randolph, New Jersey
Fire & Light Studios
Arcata, California
The pieces created by this company are of the highest quality: all of the sifting and design work is done by hand. The unique idea behind these pieces was thought up by Peggy Karr in 1987 and has only grown since, becoming hugely popular. Lovely glass tableware made from recycled bottles. Since 1999 John and Natali McClurg along with a team of 20 have been creating these handcrafted pieces.
Marco Polo Designs
Portland, Oregon
The Glass Forge
Grants Pass, Oregon
Jane Barthelemy went to Italy to be an Opera singer, but while there she learned how to create glass beads in the Italian style. When she retired from Opera and traveled back to the United States, she started a studio to continue her glass production. Since then, Marco Polo has made some of the loveliest glass jewelry on the market today. Started in 1998 by three glassblowing experts at their prime, Maurice "Butch" Kreuzer, Nathan Sheafor, and Lee Wassink, the Glass Forge has since then gone on to become an established glass studio, creating amazing glass pieces, both beautiful and functional.
Fred Imhoff
Portland, Oregon
Ron Hinkle
Buckhannon, West Virginia
Working with glass since 1998, the artist now creates his pieces in his own studio in Portland, Oregon. He values clean form and minimalism in his work, and so do his many customers. This artist's story is truly amazing. Captivated by glass since he was a child, Ron Hinkle learned glass blowing at a major factory, but created his own pieces on the side. Soon his pieces became so popular he quit the factory to open his own studio, building it from the ground up with no capital, growing to become an extremely sucessful artist.
Rick Hunter
Brea, California
Glass Eye
Seattle, Washington
Rick Hunter got his MFA in glass in 1986 and since then has been making gorgeous glass objects one at a time, each hand-blown in his Upland, California studio. This Seattle, Washington studio creates over 60 new designs every 6 months, meaning the options are limitless and collectors can't get enough of these gorgeous glass objects!
Chris Paulson
Eugene, Oregon
Motawi Tileworks
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Each of these vibrant pieces is hand fused by the artist, combining colors and designs in unique and beautiful ways. His pieces are suitable for eating, although many may find them far too pretty to use! Nawal Motawi started this workshop in 1992 along with her brother, Karim, and learned about tiles from many sources, leading them to create the distinctive tiles they make today. Motawi has expanded to include more people, but their values and aesthetic has stayed the same.